The users of the 5 most popular social networks

The users of the 5 most popular social networks

There are some social media networks or applications, which are not created equal. Based on this report, I will discuss about people that are using the social networks.

Even though some of them can attract lots of audiences. However, different social media networks or applications attract some specific groups of people. RealityMine is a company, which tracks mobile and behavioral analytics. It conducted a research of 2, 121 people, who are the adult app users in the U.S. They want to identify the people who are the users of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.


According to RealityMine research, Facebook is the No. 1 social network. Around 75 percent of users in every age group, with millennial and baby boomer women more active on the network than other social media networks, use it. For instance, millennial women dominate Instagram, and baby boomer men dominate Google+.


According to RealityMine, the average social media users are in the income rage of $50,000 to $74,999 bracket. In terms of Twitter user, is a young and well-paid group of people. In the income demographics, Twitter users are having a slightly better tan average income. By comparison, the users of Google+ were more likely to make less than $24,999.


Generally speaking, this chart is showing that most of social media users are educated properly. Firstly, people who are users of Printrest mostly achieved a graduate degree. At the same time, seemingly, there are almost 30% of Twitter users had a bachelor degree. However, the trend shows that the college education holders are occupying nearly 40% in terms of Google+ users in general.

Probably, the demographics will mainly stay the same. However, young generations are normally known as fickle and quick to move on to the next big thing. We might see younger audiences grow up on some social medias such as Instagram and Snapchat, while the next generations may be more likely to explore newer networks.

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The common myths of digital marketing


If you’re in customer services or sales, you probably have heard a few prevailing myths about some facet of marketing in digital area.

Based on this article I talk about some myths that we believe it is true.

Marketing land did a quick poll of their customer services team to study the myths they have needed to chase away in channels and services.

Some of myths were true in the past but need to be revisited, and some never actually happened to be true but became part of an easily-spouted narrative. In each case, we get through, have a look at the myths — and compare to the truth.

Myth 1: SEO can be a one-time project.

The fact is that is not true.  Like any other channel, it requires more than just maintenance, you will have to test it over and over again re-strategizing so that we can find the reasons to increase or decrease resources.

Search algorithms are changing very often — and SEO and content strategies have to be revisited at least yearly to make sure they’re still effective.

Myth 2. I can buy a tool for my in-house SEO team, and they will be great all the time

Use tools is very good for efficiency and automation. However, the tools cannot replace human intelligence and that will lead to a limited perspective and lost understanding of the long-term space.

Myth 3. Once you have done a cycle of creative testing, you do not have to do anything more.

The testing should be never done. You should constantly be recreating on your web sites, no matter how great the first results.

And remember, your testing should always have a purpose. You do not just test for the sake of testing.

Myth 4. Social can only work for a few select industries

That’s not true, in fact, social can be an efficient platform for any industry. However, not all social networks are the same, and you should not put the same emphasis on every channel. For example, if you are a Business to business company that offers a very high technical service, social media platform such as Pinterest and Instagram should not the ones you need to focus on. Instead, make sure you focus on the social network like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if your brand is a B2C online supplement retailer, LinkedIn may not the one that suit for you. But both ends of the spectrum have social channels that, implemented intelligently, can provide great return.

Myth 5. Negative comments on social media are bad for your business

we hear this very often, and it is totally not true. It can very helpful to know what are the service that the customers are not satisfied.

Do not hide legitimate concerns or comments; instead, provide some thoughtful responses with the option to ring or email customer service for further assistance, and make sure someone is following up internally to solve those problems before they happen to spread widely.

The more you spend in your brand on social media to grow your presence, the more brand loyal customers will come to your rescue and defend your brand to the naysayers.

Even though it is a bit emotionally hard to see critical feedback. However, it can help you to see you service or product differently, so you can turn it into a useful information for your company.

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Event Marketing Guide

Event Marketing Guide


No matter what your business goal is, live events will be able to help you achieve them. This guide will give you the strategic suggestions that you need to run great events and will also help you to understand the best type of event to achieve your objective.

Based on this event-marketing guide.

Nowadays is buyer-empowered world, marketers have to get every opportunity to get started a new relationship, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of potential buyers.

Every business seeks to stand out from their competition, whether you are looking to use events to generate more leads, reward and maintain loyal customers, or want to make your company as a leader in the market place. And event marketing can help you to achieve. Whether you are running a small webinar, a huge international tradeshow, event marketing has to be an integral part of the demand generation.


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Make Content Marketing Goals

Make Content Marketing Goals


What makes content marketing work? Firstly, you need to understand the goals of your business and marketing. After that you can create the content that serves those goals.

If you are using content to make a business, you should have strategies to make your time and hard work right on the point and efficiently.

Here are some examples of business goals that lead our content marketing in Blog Media.

Check out this article for more information.

Goal 1: Build trust and relationship with your audience

It may sounds obvious, but it is a good one for content marketing.

When you post a useful, valuable and interesting content, your audiences start to trust you.

Lack of trust kills conversion, this article tells you how to show your value, put your customers first and keep your promises, so you can earn the trusts of your audience.

Goal 2: Attract strategic partners

It is always a smart idea to have a partnership for your business. When you show your passion about creating great content, you will find potential praters are attracted by your passion.

To be able to find great potential partners, make sure the contents you post have the quality to attract strategic partners. With the partnership can bring good complement of skills. Together they can go faster and farther that one person could never achieve.

Goal 3: Deepen loyalty with existing customers

It will be much harder and more expensive to get back a lost customer than get a new one. And the biggest growth potential in most companies comes from developing the relationship with the existing customers.

This blog will explain you more why we should never treat the stranger better than you do your friends. Treat the already existing customer great, they will appreciate and reward you for that.

Goal 4: Keep developing new business ideas

Content is an excellent low risk way to take a try for your new ideas. The reaction of your audience will let you know whether you should do those ideas on your business or not.

Also, if you find some problems that your customers want you to solve, you should probably get these ideas into your content, and see how other people respond. Don’t ever start to do something big in your business until you are sure that you can get the target.

Goal 5: Explore and solve prospect’s problems

The most successful business running well due to they solve problems. When you know what the problems are, you will know how to solve them. And then you will also have the core of your marketing content.

A great content marketing project gives space for the audience questions. It will come from blog comments, email and you may have created a page of Q&A. listen to the problems carefully, and use those as guidelines for your future marketing content.

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Those brands are doing fantastic jobs on social media

These brands are doing such an awesome job on social network. They are doing it in their own unique way. Their strategy got the target market’s attention straight way when people visit its social media.

Based on this artcle I will list some standout brands.

Denny’s—being ‘weird’

Denny’s social media is different or some people would say ‘weird’, don’t get me wrong it is in a good way and the purpose of that is to attract young generation. The posts of Denny’s social media is a bit silly but fun, sometimes seems there wasn’t any corporate planning involved.

Where did he buy pancake shoes

Oreo—creating fun stories

Oreo must have a department of designing because it constantly churching out fresh that relevant ideas on its social media. On the year of 2013 during Halloween time, Oreo created a Vine video series that recomposed classic horror movies featuring Oreo cookies.

Dove—inspiring people globally

When you read Dove’s Twitter bio, “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.” That shows us they do have a beautiful goal. It is not only a beautiful tagline as Dove is constantly creating new product that help women truly feel good.

GoPro—empowering users

GoPro encourages its users to send in some of their best photos. The posts look amazing on Instagram. It not only shows the great photos, but also in a way that tells people how amazing the camera in action.

Always—taking a stance

There are some companies did take a stance on a subject that they truly believe in. Always is one of the companies that actually doing it. The #LikeAGirl campaign that advocates gender equality, which makes people think that the company truly cares about its customers.

Royal Dutch Airlines—interact with customers

Royal Dutch Airlines is using the social media as a platform for customer engagement. The company knows that how to communicate with customers through social media. On the company’s Twitter header photo it includes the estimated response time, which is updated every 5 minutes.


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The five tips to train your muscles of digital marketing

The ways to train your muscles of digital marketing


The major difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that digital marketing goes so fast. In Digital marketing industry, the process is very similar to bodybuilding. The way they gain muscle is the way we gain our digital marketing knowledge and skill.

This article has simple but effective hints on how to develop digital marketing skills. Based on the ideas in the article, I will list some useful tips of how to develop your digital marketing skills.

Tip 1: Make time everyday

In order to keep up, marketers have to update themselves everyday. It is important to see what other smart marketers have created. Make time everyday only if it is only half hour. It is like bodybuilding process. The world most famous and successful bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger said he used to spend 4 hours each day and 6 days a week in the gym. Well, we marketers are not necessarily to spend 4 hours to do that each day, however, there are many benefits to read 2~3 blog posts each day from other marketers, to learn more or avoid the mistakes that others did.

Tip 2: Try things that are new and something difficult.

As a fan of fitness, I always want to try some new moves so I can use the muscles that I have not used before. As a result I will feel the sore that I never felt before, it is suppose to be that way. I would never know how good that part of muscle look like if I had not worked on it.

As digital industry’s competitive environment, there are so many new things are out on the Internet and waiting for us to find out. The same thing in digital marketing area, because we may have been missing out something great, if we do not take the chance to try something new. Take the first step and do your best. And it may not as good as you expected, but at least you know what does not work. In Asian culture there is a quote—Failure is the mother of success. So do not fear to fail.

Tip 3: Find a partner

From my experience of workout at the gym, it is better to have a gym buddy with you. Why? Your gym buddy can help you to push you go higher in the point you never can do by yourself, and also help you to make sure in the right position.

Discuss with other marketers and transfer knowledge is a good way to keep everyone on track. You can either partner up with you collages or other digital marketers, only make sure you have someone in the digital marketing that you can talk to. Together you can solve the issues that you may not able to do by yourself or faster than you do it alone.

Tip 4: Have a goal

Take a photo of the first day of workout that is the person you never will be. Maybe your goal is to gain muscle mass or lose fat get toned. It is important to work towards something. Now back to digital marketing, what do you want to achieve in digital marketing industry? List with things you want to do and achieve in the first day, set a deadline and accomplish it before you meet the deadline.

Tip 5: The results take time

Do not be discouraged, if you do not see the results after a little while. It does take time to see it. Just like you do not get in shape in a few days. Learning new marketing skills take time and need patient. Keep learning do not give up. In a couple of months you will see the difference, compare to the day you get started, you will be grateful that you did not give up. Perseverance is the key to success

Keep testing and discovering in digital marketing, you will be amazed how far you can go. The harder you push yourself the better results you will get. Never give up.

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