Those brands are doing fantastic jobs on social media

These brands are doing such an awesome job on social network. They are doing it in their own unique way. Their strategy got the target market’s attention straight way when people visit its social media.

Based on this artcle I will list some standout brands.

Denny’s—being ‘weird’

Denny’s social media is different or some people would say ‘weird’, don’t get me wrong it is in a good way and the purpose of that is to attract young generation. The posts of Denny’s social media is a bit silly but fun, sometimes seems there wasn’t any corporate planning involved.

Where did he buy pancake shoes

Oreo—creating fun stories

Oreo must have a department of designing because it constantly churching out fresh that relevant ideas on its social media. On the year of 2013 during Halloween time, Oreo created a Vine video series that recomposed classic horror movies featuring Oreo cookies.

Dove—inspiring people globally

When you read Dove’s Twitter bio, “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.” That shows us they do have a beautiful goal. It is not only a beautiful tagline as Dove is constantly creating new product that help women truly feel good.

GoPro—empowering users

GoPro encourages its users to send in some of their best photos. The posts look amazing on Instagram. It not only shows the great photos, but also in a way that tells people how amazing the camera in action.

Always—taking a stance

There are some companies did take a stance on a subject that they truly believe in. Always is one of the companies that actually doing it. The #LikeAGirl campaign that advocates gender equality, which makes people think that the company truly cares about its customers.

Royal Dutch Airlines—interact with customers

Royal Dutch Airlines is using the social media as a platform for customer engagement. The company knows that how to communicate with customers through social media. On the company’s Twitter header photo it includes the estimated response time, which is updated every 5 minutes.


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