The five tips to train your muscles of digital marketing

The ways to train your muscles of digital marketing


The major difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that digital marketing goes so fast. In Digital marketing industry, the process is very similar to bodybuilding. The way they gain muscle is the way we gain our digital marketing knowledge and skill.

This article has simple but effective hints on how to develop digital marketing skills. Based on the ideas in the article, I will list some useful tips of how to develop your digital marketing skills.

Tip 1: Make time everyday

In order to keep up, marketers have to update themselves everyday. It is important to see what other smart marketers have created. Make time everyday only if it is only half hour. It is like bodybuilding process. The world most famous and successful bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger said he used to spend 4 hours each day and 6 days a week in the gym. Well, we marketers are not necessarily to spend 4 hours to do that each day, however, there are many benefits to read 2~3 blog posts each day from other marketers, to learn more or avoid the mistakes that others did.

Tip 2: Try things that are new and something difficult.

As a fan of fitness, I always want to try some new moves so I can use the muscles that I have not used before. As a result I will feel the sore that I never felt before, it is suppose to be that way. I would never know how good that part of muscle look like if I had not worked on it.

As digital industry’s competitive environment, there are so many new things are out on the Internet and waiting for us to find out. The same thing in digital marketing area, because we may have been missing out something great, if we do not take the chance to try something new. Take the first step and do your best. And it may not as good as you expected, but at least you know what does not work. In Asian culture there is a quote—Failure is the mother of success. So do not fear to fail.

Tip 3: Find a partner

From my experience of workout at the gym, it is better to have a gym buddy with you. Why? Your gym buddy can help you to push you go higher in the point you never can do by yourself, and also help you to make sure in the right position.

Discuss with other marketers and transfer knowledge is a good way to keep everyone on track. You can either partner up with you collages or other digital marketers, only make sure you have someone in the digital marketing that you can talk to. Together you can solve the issues that you may not able to do by yourself or faster than you do it alone.

Tip 4: Have a goal

Take a photo of the first day of workout that is the person you never will be. Maybe your goal is to gain muscle mass or lose fat get toned. It is important to work towards something. Now back to digital marketing, what do you want to achieve in digital marketing industry? List with things you want to do and achieve in the first day, set a deadline and accomplish it before you meet the deadline.

Tip 5: The results take time

Do not be discouraged, if you do not see the results after a little while. It does take time to see it. Just like you do not get in shape in a few days. Learning new marketing skills take time and need patient. Keep learning do not give up. In a couple of months you will see the difference, compare to the day you get started, you will be grateful that you did not give up. Perseverance is the key to success

Keep testing and discovering in digital marketing, you will be amazed how far you can go. The harder you push yourself the better results you will get. Never give up.

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